Meet Nadine

Who is Nadine Moussa?

  • 1. Daughter of Victor and May Moussa, from Bikfaya, El-Metn, married, mother of daughters Sophie & Gabriella (17)

  • 2. Received her high school diploma from Notre Dame de Jamhour, Bikfaya during the Lebanese Civil War

  • 3. Holds a Master's Degree in International Law from the University of Sorbonne, France, and a Bachelor's Degree in Lebanese Law from St. Joseph University in Lebanon

  • 4. Attorney at Law since 1995, and independent political, social, and human rights activist

  • 5. Founder and president of the Lebanese Association to Prevent Corruption (LAC)

  • 6. Former legal expert and consultant of the UNDP and of the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee for Health - participated in the drafting of a law for food safety in Lebanon (2012)

  • 7. Permanent volunteer for the defense of human rights issues before court

  • 8. Active member of several women's associations: Arab Women's Leadership Institute (AWLI), Women in Front, the National Committee for Women's Empowerment

  • 9. Member of the Regions Committee in the Maronite League and in the ATFL: American Task Force for Lebanon

  • 10. Gave several lectures at international, regional and local seminars for the promotion of democracy in the Arab world, the fight against corruption, and the role of the Arab media in the promotion of Arab national security

  • 11. Selected as one of Lebanon's top 130 women leaders in The Women Leaders Directory 2013, published by Media Supporting Women, 2013

  • 12. Candidate and uncontested winner of the Lebanese parliamentary elections in 2013, the first female candidate for presidency in 2014.

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